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"Home Health" includes a wide range of health services to help the patient to recover at home under the supervision of a physician, supported by a highly trained nursing and therapy staff. These services are delivered at home to recovering, disabled and chronic patients in need of medical, nursing, or therapy services to recover their health to the extent possible with the patient's overall health status.

Starcare Health Care provides you World Class Home Nursing Services for Bedridden, Elderly people and also for patients who have undergone major surgeries. All the nursing & therapy staff are well trained to give comprehensive Home Care & Home Nursing Services.

Nursing Services

  • Vital Signs Monitoring: Blood Pressure & Pulse to monitor hypertension.
  • BMI: Body Mass Index that is predictive of obesity.
  • Oral Meds: Compliance with taking necessary medications on time and as required by treating physician.
  • Sugar Check: Blood Sugar test on a regular basis prevents and/or minimizes onset or controlling of diabetes in children and adults.
  • I/M & I/V Injection: Intra-Muscular and Intra-Venous Injections as prescribed by the treating physician.
  • Small Dressing: Minor wound care dressing changes.
  • Nebulisation: Breathing treatment to control asthma.
  • Catherisation: Assisting in activities of daily living (ADLs).
  • Ng tube insertion & Let feeding
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